Saturday, 19 November 2016

Technological Advancement – JustYap A Milestone

The evolution of technology has been on a funny trial lately. No wonder technological advancement has taken us with a surprise. From the moment in history where we had no idea how to light a fire, to today when we cover thousands of miles virtually without any extra hassle, this truly seems remarkable. Technological advancement can only be well defined by one thing and one thing only and that is the development that has happened in the field of logistics and movement. Could anyone had imagined that it would be so easy making international calls back then in the eighties? Or, could anyone of us even slightly, rather even modestly think of having video calls without all those regulators getting fired up. No, a big no. But today all of this is possible and we are free from the nifty gritty of all the limits and boundaries and regulators. But, here is something that we want to ask you with all the advancement present around. Can you name an application that can connect you with your loved ones in a single go, with crystal clear voice quality, cheaper rates, ease of functionality and easy accessibility? Yes, we know you are already listing down a few with the wild thought of beating this author and shaming him for his scarce knowledge of the bulk of choices in voice application that are present in today’s day and age. But, here is the twist to all the above, tell us one app that functions like an app, gets you connected and yet do not require the dependence of internet connectivity?

Well we will save you the trouble of googling around and rather amaze you with this amazing product called JustYap.

What is JustYap

Just Yap
Well we believe that the best way of telling what JustYap is by actually stating what it is not. JustYap is not a typical voice communication service that functions like a mobile service provider and may require international travelling charges and other regulator duties. As well, JustYap is not an application, to be very honest. Till today we have been told that an app is supposed to have an internet connectivity to function. Well that is how JustYap has evolved the scene of advancement. Now with JustYap you particularly do not require any internet connectivity at all. Yes, it so happens that this amazing application can make you connect with all your loved ones all around the globe without any specific internet connectivity. All you need to do is simply have the app downloaded on your phone and top it up. But, guess what….you can now top an app/voice communication service simply with your visa cards.

So, as we said in the starting you cannot just stand to the pace of all the advancement that is being happening around. And while the best voice app JustYap catalyzes the scene you need to keep yourself abreast all may probably end up being in the stone age with your old dated apps. Get a download now.